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Global feed stock and energy costs, as well as demand for nitrogen, continue to fluctuate, highlighting the importance of lower investment and operating costs in basic ammonia (NH3) production. In the August 2017 issue of World Fertlizer Magazine, we highlight an ammonia concept that uses fewer processes to reduce costs in a volatile market.

The Linde Ammonia Concept (LACTM) for ammonia production from natural gas or light hydrocarbons minimizes the number of process steps to reduce investment and operating costs, shorten project completion time, and simplify plant start-up and operation. Its benefits include:

  • Less equipment and piping.
  • Fewer catalytic steps, resulting in 50% less total catalyst volume.
  • Reduced number of control loops and instruments.
  • Smaller footprint, fewer foundation materials and less structural steel.
  • Startup of the ammonia synthesis loop can proceed about two hours after feed is introduced to the reformer, unmatched by any other ammonia process.


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