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Sustainability or profit – We help you target both!

The task to improve plant operations towards OPEX and emissions at the same time is difficult to achieve. Knowing exactly how strong you perform compared to your competition is not always easy. Finding the right actions to take to stay ahead and excel in both ways is even harder. The opportunities seem endless and the effects on your operations are as individual as your plant is.


We are there to support you on your way.

With our vast experience in plant improvement projects, you can rely on us to find the right spots to invest in to maximize both, sustainability and efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

Air separation plants

2.000+ - that’s the plant base of engineering and operating experience you can count on. With decades of experience in modernizing air separation plants, our engineers find solutions tailored to your individual need.

The challenge of running your ASU boils down to two main KPIs: Efficiency and reliability. With our experience, we can easily help you benchmarking your performance and recommend you the most suitable actions to improve your plant. Get started right away and check your efficiency by yourself: We have developed a quick energy benchmark for air separation plants to give you instant feedback about your efficiency with just one minute of your time.

Try it yourself: PLANTSERV® ASU Energy Benchmark

Whatever challenge you are facing - from efficiency improvements to changes in your product mix - if you want to know where your potential is hiding, reach out to us and find out!

Hydrogen reformers

The colors of hydrogen seem to be focusing on green. And because we at Linde strive for net zero production of hydrogen we also see the necessity to improve the invaluable assets which are providing most of the worldwide production today: Our existing reformer plants.

With our efforts to offer full blue hydrogen plants for new projects, we also developed technologies that can improve the efficiency and carbon footprint of your plant! We have the experts in-house who are designing state-of-the art furnaces and processes and know exactly how to get your plant running at lower fuel consumption and with less repairs. But that’s not all. With our experience in separation processes we can capture the CO2 in any step of your process, make sure you don’t lose product in purification and use all streams of remaining gases to fuel your furnace – And with our experience in heat exchangers you can be sure you are using as much of your energy as possible.

Contact us now and get your roadmap to maximize the sustainability of your operations.

Petrochemical assets

At Linde Engineering, we have been focusing on improvements in our plant design for decades, and the focus on making petrochemical processes more sustainable has become even stronger lately. Together with our partners we have developed the solutions for an ambitious yet simple target: Net zero.

Today we are able to reduce emissions with a focus on efficiency and provide you with a toolbox to reach as far as your targets call. No matter if you want to maximize fuel efficiency, implement carbon neutral fuel, remove the emission from your flue gas stream or even enter the world of electrical cracking, Linde PLANTSERV® ill help you pave your path to a more sustainable future without losing sight of your operating cost. That’s why our customers trust in us to implement the first steps of their future roadmap and maximizing the carbon efficiency of their entire process.

Join us now and we define together with you the best actions for your plant and targets.

Natural Gas plants

No matter the size of your natural gas plant, carbon efficiency is equally important to get your assets future proof. Regulations are tightening and shareholders are focusing on your sustainability performance. Wouldn’t it be great to have a plan how to satisfy both and improve your plant operations at the same time?

We know your process from the very first step, and we have developed solutions that will reduce your carbon footprint. No matter if you are looking into the carbon content of your feed, the emissions of your heating or compression system, methane emitted to the atmosphere or want to recover helium that is currently unused. Linde PLANTSERV® is the right partner to work on these with you and more: We will develop a roadmap together with you that aligns with your carbon and efficiency targets, tailored to your individual asset.

Get in touch with us and get more than just a list of options: Your integrated road to an efficient and carbon light operation of your plant.


Linde PLANTSERV® Performance you can trust!


Sustainability through Innovative Process Technologies and Services

The best way to protect the climate is to avoid CO₂ emissions in the first place. We offer a rich technology portfolio to help industry achieve this. Extending along the entire value chain, our innovative technologies are actively paving the way to a greener future powered by more sustainable fuels such as hydrogen and even green hydrogen. Our decarbonization offering includes pioneering technologies for harnessing renewable energies, avoiding or reducing CO₂ emissions, and capturing and utilizing carbon emissions. We complement this with decarbonization services and digital innovations. This service offering builds on the unparalleled experience we have gained developing and optimizing gas processing, separation and liquefaction technologies over the past 140 years, building over 4000 plants, operating 1000-plus plants and increasing the efficiency of countless existing assets.


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