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PLANTSERV® Drone-based Inspection Services

Unlock the potential of drones for efficient asset inspections

The inspection and maintenance of critical industrial assets can be highly challenging and complex tasks. Forward-thinking solutions are required. Conventional inspection methods often prove time-consuming and costly, and may even pose safety risks to personnel. To resolve these issues, the PLANTSERV® team has introduced drone-based inspection services. Based on cutting-edge technology, these services have the potential to transform asset inspections.


Experience end-to-end service for seamless and efficient inspections

The Linde PLANTSERV® drone inspection service is an end-to-end solution, streamlining the entire inspection process from start to finish. We harness the power of advanced drone technology, combined with our engineering expertise, to offer you a seamless and efficient inspection experience that adds value to your operations.



Out of sight – but not out of mind!

Critical industrial assets such as coldboxes require regular maintenance. Conventional inspection methods have a number of downsides. They can take a long time, entail a lot of manual work, require extensive scaffolding, and necessitate expensive shutdowns. They can also potentially expose staff to safety risks. In addition, many forms of damage occur slowly over time, and can be difficult for inspectors to detect using conventional methods. Consequently, insulation defects, leaks and other abnormalities may be detected too late, resulting in major repairs and higher repair costs.

Added to these challenges is the organizational effort of liaising with multiple service providers. Planning and coordinating interventions involving several parties and spanning inspection, analysis, subsequent repair and maintenance tasks can result in delays and additional expense.


Drone-based inspections – tailored to your asset

Our drone-based inspection service addresses these shortcomings while also accelerating the inspection process by between 20 and 40%. Our team of highly skilled engineers possess specialized knowledge in inspection and maintenance. We also understand the inner workings of critical assets, enabling us to identify and assess potential issues quickly and accurately. Hence our service team can help to keep assets such as coldboxes in peak operating condition, also lowering downtime and raising productivity.

Harnessing the power of RGB and thermal cameras with RTK technology for accurate inspections

Our highly accurate drone-based service utilizes state-of-the-art RGB color modeling to illuminate differences in the degree of insulation degradation, for instance, while our thermal cameras detect thermal anomalies, leaks and damage. Both RGB and thermal cameras are effectively combined with real-time kinematic (RTK) technology for positional accuracy. This high-tech sensor integration allows us to capture high-resolution visual imagery and thermal data. We then leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze this data and give you comprehensive insights into the condition of your asset. These advanced technologies allow us to detect potential issues that might otherwise go unnoticed and thus help you to prevent costly failures and extend the service life of your equipment. Drone technology virtually extends your service team, adding further value by enabling rapid access to hard-to-reach areas and confined spaces.






Potential savings through early identification of damage and continuous monitoring

Drone-based technology is particularly valuable for the early detection of damage not visible to the naked eye. This can help you avoid unnecessarily high repair costs due to delays. Even something as simple as ice formation over time can reduce insulation efficiency without any visible signs – but nonetheless push energy consumption upwards as soon as it starts to form.

According to our expert Jan Sommer, manager of a Linde Gas plant in north-east Germany, an undetected and unrepaired deterioration in insulation of normal scale can increase the standard annual energy losses by up to 40%. Once a defect has been detected, continuous monitoring by means of repeat pictures from the same distance and angle enables you to follow the progress of the damage and make an informed decision on the best time and place to intervene.

In addition, continuous monitoring has a big impact on savings potential. Regular inspections not only prevent major damages and higher costs, but also allow you to better schedule repairs so you can keep your turnaround (TAR) projects on time and in budget – with the least possible disruption to uptime.


Reliable addition to your in-house team

At Linde PLANTSERV®, finding new ways to deliver the best solutions to our customers is our top priority. Our PLANTSERV® team can complement and extend your in-house engineering skills, providing valuable help for difficult asset repairs and maintenance in particular. By combining the latest drone technology with our many years of experience, we take the efficiency and reliability of your inspections to the next level.

Our service includes every step in the project lifecycle, including selection of the correct equipment, mission planning, licensing and legal compliance, trained and EASA-certified remote drone pilots, and expert engineers for analysis.

So if our drone inspections identify any damaged or faulty components within your assets, we don’t just present you with the findings. We go the extra mile, working closely with you to plan and execute your repair works. Essentially, our end-to-end service covers everything you need until the project has been completed and your asset has been restored to full health.




Performance you can trust

Linde PLANTSERV® is a trusted industry leader for aftersales asset management. Our commitment to excellence complements our cutting-edge technology, proven expertise and dedication to precision to bring the highest level of care to your assets.

Learn about the potential of Linde PLANTSERV® drone-based inspections for coldboxes and other critical assets to increase the effectiveness of your operations, improve safety, and avoid major unforeseen costs.

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