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Hydrogen on tap

Linde and Evonik Industries team up to offer a mature, fully integrated solution delivering hydrogen via the natural gas pipeline

  • Accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy
  • Synergized, ready-to-run H2 separation solution for universal deployment
  • Superior gas selectivity and cost efficiency

HISELECT® powered by Evonik has the potential to help decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors like iron and steel, chemicals, oil refining and heavy transport (trucks, ships, trains and aircraft) to speed the transition to a low- or zero-carbon economy.

Using hydrogen to buffer renewable energy

Hydrogen (H2) has the potential to play a key role in connecting different infrastructure layers in a low- or zero-carbon economy. Looking beyond its conventional applications as an industry feedstock in refining and fertilizer production, it is increasingly being heralded as a way to unlock the potential of renewable energy. In simple terms, surplus solar and wind energy can be converted to hydrogen and then to electricity on demand. Or it can be used to power zero-emissions fuel-cell cars and advance electromobility. The question is, how can hydrogen gas be efficiently delivered to the point of use? To date, the market has been deterred by the high costs that would be involved in building a dedicated hydrogen pipeline or delivery infrastructure.

HISELECT® powered by Evonik combined with PSA for 99.9999% H2

The good news is: the infrastructure is already in place! H2 can be simply injected into the existing natural gas pipeline and delivered to a wide range of end-point applications. The separation and purification technologies required downstream to extract hydrogen from the pipeline or natural gas blend are already available.

This delivery solution combines our market-leading pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technologies with a custom-designed membrane/permeation technology developed in collaboration with Evonik Industries. Made from hollow fiber, the HISELECT® membranes separate a stream of hydrogen at a concentration of up to 90 percent. Our proven PSA technologies then increase the purity to above 99.9999 percent.

This innovative, ready-to-use concept is demonstrated at our Dormagen real-scale plant near Düsseldorf in Germany. The plant at Linde Gases’ production site features Linde’s HISELECT® membrane technology to extract hydrogen from natural gas pipelines.



World’s first real-scale pilot plant for extracting H2 from natural gas pipelines using membrane technology in Dormagen, Germany.

Ready-to-run solution for highly efficient extraction of H2 from natural gas pipeline blend.

Highlights of PSA combined with HISELECT® powered by Evonik for hydrogen

This innovative combination of technologies increases the reach and potential of hydrogen as a more sustainable source of fuel and energy.

- Cost-effective, ready-to-run solution connecting to existing natural gas network
- Hydrogen purity rates in excess of 99.9999 percent
- High selectivity for cost-effective supply of hydrogen
- Robust performance under even the harshest conditions
- Excellent chemical resistance and high temperature tolerance

What are the experts saying?

Experts from Linde and Evonik Industries have come together to explain why it makes sense to combine pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technologies with HISELECT® powered by Evonik membranes. 

Some key takeaways from the podcast you can get below include:

- Deployment benefits of a ready-to-run, universal solution
- Scenarios for which the hybrid solution is especially suited
- Details on the membrane and pressure swing adsorption technologies
- The impact for existing natural gas customers 
- Proof of concept – reference customers and demo plant

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Hybrid solution combining PSA & HISELECT® powered by Evonik for hydrogen

Innovative combination of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) plus HISELECT® membranes provides a cost-effective, ready-to-run solution for extracting H2 from natural gas pipelines.

HISELECT® powered by Evonik

Thanks to their excellent selectivity, HISELECT® for hydrogen membranes enable hydrogen to be extracted from natural gas blends at concentrations of up to 90%. With the first real-scale demo showcase under construction and the first reference customer already up and running, HISELECT® for hydrogen synergizes the innovative strengths of Linde and Evonik Industries.

Hybrid solution with downstream PSA

HISELECT® for hydrogen can be combined with a pressure swing adsorption unit from Linde to achieve benchmark H2 recovery rates in excess of 99.9999%. Having already engineered over 900 adsorption plants worldwide, including more than 500 H2 PSA plants, Linde builds on over 40 years of proven experience in adsorption technologies to deliver the world’s highest capacities and on-stream availability levels.